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Familiarize yourself with essential info about perinatal mood & anxiety disorders, including risk factors, symptoms & treatments.

PSI Louisiana is a non-profit started out of Postpartum Support International.  It is an organization formed to provide support, education, and resources to mothers and their support systems. As we grow, our goal is make sure that individuals in all parishes in Louisiana are aware of where to find support and how to provide help and for families, and to feel safe doing so.  PSI provides trainings to clinicians, doctors, nurses, midwives, and doulas, or anyone who is in contact with women of reproductive age. Our number one priority is family, which keeps Louisiana strong and resilient!!

Our unique Louisiana culture varies from district to district, parish to parish. Our basic values and lifestyles have been handed down from the early settlers, which include the French, German, Spanish and Italian immigrants; and those are just a few. Our landscape is unique which shapes our careers and lifestyles. What is consistent in Louisiana is the loving and protective connectedness to our families.  We are protective of our family, while difficult to talk about sometimes, having a baby, while often met with joy, is often an unexpected struggle. Some families become helpless and fear talking about it. New mothers often try to muddle through it.  We want new moms to feel safe telling their doctors, midwives, and families that they are struggling with anxiety, depression, and/or unusual thoughts, without feeling judged.